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Одноточечный ремень олива

Одноточечный ремень олива
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8 880 Тг.

Одноточечный ремень олива
8 880 Тг.
В наличииОдноточечный ремень олива
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  • One Point Bungee sling is a great sling. It keeps your weapon in immediate reach and provides the perfect balance. The bungee provides flexing and stretching that allows for greater mobility regardless of your tactical situation. The simplicity and usefulness of this sling makes it one of the more popular slings among shooters worldwide. Great for any tactical situation, this sling works great on any sized firearm.



  • Lightweight military grade elastic bungee cords allow greater weight distribution and weight reduction
  • Suitable for all rifles that have sling or swivel hook*
  • Allows for quick transition from primary weapon to side arm
  • Perfect sling for shooters in motion or resting position
  • Instant quick detach off your rifle
  • Converts from single to dual bungee cord for extra comfort and flexibility
  • Snap on metal hook
  • Durable bungee



  • Size: Fully adjustable
  • Strap size: 24" to 37"
  • Bungee size: 12" to 16"
  • 1.5" Webbing
  • Material: Heavy duty military grade nylon and metal clip
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  • Цена: 8 880 Тг.